shivanjani lal
Shivanjani Lal
If we could be birds in each others skies


If we could be birds in each others skies

“If we could be birds in each others skies”
This wasn't meant to be a romantic work.
I didn't want it to be. 
I wanted it to clinical like a science experiment a hypothesis on distance, longing and refuge.
I made it because I felt that I wanted you to know that wherever we are, we are ok because we sit under the same skies. 
We can be independent. We can fly separate but be held together under the same blue grey field.
The truth is though, I miss you.
I made this because distance is tricky it shape shifts and I fade into and out of this grey blue field…
Like I fade into and out of us.
Hopeful, uncertain and unclear… into and out of grey blue field.

आप यहाँ नहीं हैं (You are not here)

आप यहाँ नहीं हैं [You are not here] is a video momento mori to the artist’s Nanni (maternal grandmother); a symbolic representation of memory and an invitation for an audience to engage and meditate alongside the artist’s personal history and sentiment. In the work, the photographic image belonging to the artist is eroded - both metaphorically and physically to simulate the cycles of life as sacred and perpetual happenings, it is the in-between-space which acts as a joint meditation, that creates a relationship between the artist and viewer.

में यहाँ नहीं हुँ (I am not here)

Artist Shivanjani Lal will attempt to erase all of the locations of where she isfrom. Starting from her current
geographical location/home: Australia, moving backward to where she was born: Fiji and finally to India where she is from culturally. In this erasure she hopes to explore a future possibility of renewal. She proposes that while the act of erasing, is violent, this violence allows for remaining residue to be put together in new ways that is no longer constrained by known understandings of geography and boundaries rather these lines which have been blurred out can be refilled with possibility whatever that might mean.

The Nest (2013)